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Born out of pure passion for doing social media the right way. Artos Digital is a new social media first agency with a sleuth of experienced and passionate creatives on hand to tackle your social media problems. Our goal is to help navigate you through the noise that is social media, give you a voice and roar to ensure your customers find you. We are fuelled by commitment to go the extra mile and try like bears to make sure clients are fully satisfied with our work.


I'm Christopher

Marketing Communication Consultant with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

Christopher is a Digital Marketing and Communications Consultant specialising in social media channel management, copywriting. Need a content calendar, or content created for your website/blog? Christopher will be happy to help you.


I'm Electra

Arts Officer, Producer and Events Consultant with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

Electra is a professional Theatre and Arts Producer and Fundraiser with exceptional events management and project planning skills. Planning a stunt or promotional event? Need help with fundraising your charity? Electra has got your back.


What do we do?



Social Media Management

You are growing your brand awareness, customer engagement but you don't have enough time in the day to invest what should be invested. Artos Digital can help you achieve your online and social media goals our Social Media Management service offering.

We can also train and coach a team you are trying to develop internally. The training is aimed at upskilling your staff so you can confidently market your business with social competence 

From page set-up and design to customer engagement your business will match through the noise that can be social media. 

Paid-for Social Advertising

We can work with your brand to develop a methodical strategy to advertise your brand on social media. 

Terms and Conditions Apply*


& Copywriting

Top quality content that is engaging is crucial to ensure that your business and brand is heard. Equally, so that your customers are listened to also.

The right content at the right time will attract, customers, build trust between you and your customers and draw more potential customers to buy from you time and time again.


We can create web, blog and social content that is SEO savvy and get your customers talking to you and about your brand. 

Have content written for you to publish on your own platforms or have it hosted on our blog. This will drive traffic to the area or areas that you want your customers to view. Discounts available for booking of 12 or more blogs.


Terms and Conditions Apply*


Event Management

Managing an event is not the easiest task to undertake. It can be stressful, time-consuming to arrange and costly if miss-managed. We can help you plan, discuss terms with vendors and even run the event for you so you can enjoy it the way you would like to.

We do this through a thorough application of project management to the create and develop your event to a professional standard. We will pay attention to your brand, your tone of voice and general atmosphere you want to achieve.

Terms and Conditions Apply*


Charity Fund Raising

Electra is an expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience fund raising for charity and NFP organisations.

Electra agrees a target with you and a small percentage of the sum raised as a commission (10-15%). 

Terms and Conditions Apply*

What People Say

Worked with Christopher himself although it was good to know that he has access to an army of freelancers to hand should I have needed someone else or he was not available.

Christopher took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve, who I wanted to reach and where I wanted to reach. His knowledge and patience were fantastic, which was good for me as I am anything but an expert on marketing, social media or communications.

He lined everything up seamlessly, so I was always aware of what was going on and what to expect next. Campaigns were set up, and I am delighted with the results.

Christopher also gave me access to advertise on several of his buy and sell groups which were a welcomed surprise. Getting access to approximately 20,000 potential customers was quite a surprise.

Needless to say, Christopher holds himself to a high standard which is encouraging as I felt myself wanting to match him when it came to execution. Overall, the time and money investment were well worth it, and I would recommend him to any small to medium size business. In fact, I would recommend him to the large-scale enterprise-sized companies, but Christopher is humble and doesn't want to pursue that level of business just now.

John Smith - Eco Gen Heating


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